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There is a wide range of availability of stocks in the share market in various price ranges. Ordinary investors and traders are more inclined to purchase less expensive shares with a decent return. In this blog, we will explore the best penny stocks below 5 rupees and classify various stocks under 5 rupees under multiple factors. Due to low market value, selling these shares in the stock market is difficult. However, penny stocks gained popularity among investors in 2022 due to the volatility in the market.

The list of the best penny stocks below 5 rupees that are available for trading is mentioned below:

Sl. No. Stocks Current Market Price (Rs.) Market Capital (Rs. Crores)
1. Silicon Valley Infotech Limited 0.03 0.39
2. K-Lifestyle & Industries Limited 0.24 24.54
3. Monotype India Limited 0.26 18.28
4. VKJ Infradevelop Limited 0.33 7.85
5. Interworld Digital Limited 0.34 16.26
6. Triton Corporation Limited 0.34 6.80
7. Excel Realty N Infra Limited 0.40 56.23
8. Sturdy Industries Limited 0.42 6.36
9. Classic Global Finance and Capital 0.42 1.54
10. Autoriders Finance Limited 0.44 0.58
11. NCL Research and Financial Services Limited 0.44 47.1
12. Goldline International Finvest Limited 0.47 24.5
13. Sun Retail Limited 0.46 7.15
14. Saianand Commercial Limited 0.46 10.5
15. Vishesh Infotecnics Limited 0.47 177

Let’s get to know the businesses of the best penny stocks companies below 5 rupees explained below shortly:


1. Silicon Valley Infotech Limited: It was incorporated in the year of 1983 and it is engaged in the business of trading and investment in shares securities and loans. It is a non-banking financial company (NBFC) that dispenses Financial Management Services. They are accomplishing the business of trading and investing in shares and securities and loaning. The Chairperson of the company is Shri Santosh Kumar Jain and Shri Rajendra Kumar Parewa its Independent Director. Their registered office is located in Kolkata.

CMP: Rs. 0.03

All-Time High: Rs. 0.03

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.03

2. K-Lifestyle & Industries Limited: Incorporated in the year 1987, they are mainly involved in the manufacturing of textile goods in the market. The top-level management includes Mrs Manasi Indrajit Wadkar, Mr Jaiprakash Mishra, Mr Narayan Ghumatkar, Mr Pravin Kumar Parekh, and Mr Rajendra Pathak. The company has a total of 102.24 Crore shares outstanding as of 30-09-2021. The company’s registered address is in the city of Silvassa which falls under the state of Dadra&Nager Haveli.

CMP: Rs. 0.34

All-Time High: Rs. 0.31

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.22

3. Monotype India Limited: The Company was incorporated on 30th September 1974, at Calcutta as a private limited company and converted into a public limited company on 23rd October 1976. The Company is involved in trading in shares, offering financial services, and investment activities. The prospects of the business seem to be encouraging overall. The company’s top-level management includes Naresh Jain as the chief financial officer and the whole-time director. Preeti Doshi, Rajendra Redekar and Suryakant Kadakane as the independent directors of the company.

CMP: Rs. 0.26

All-Time High: Rs. 0.34

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.22

4. VKJ Infradevelop Limited: First incorporated in 2010 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, of 1956 as VKJ Infradevelopers Private Limited. They are mainly in the business of trading and investing and constructing properties. The company’s key managerial persons include Mr Austeen Kachhap as the Non-Executive Director, Mr Ameer Ahmed as the Chief Financial Officer and whole-time Director, Tetar Devi as the Independent Director and Mr Vinod Kumar as the  Independent Director. the company’s registered office is located in New Delhi.

CMP: Rs. 0.33

All-Time High: Rs. 0.66

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.32

5. Interworld Digital Limited: It is a company based in India which is mainly engaged in the business of IT-enabled services and digital cinema services Interword digital limited was incorporated in 1995. It is principally based on the electronic media business. It also exports products to various parts of the world. The Key management.

CMP: Rs. 0.34

All-Time High: Rs. 0.67

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.27

6. Triton Corporation Limited: Its business includes IT & IT operations, call centre services and providing management and consultancy of information technology and related services.

CMP: Rs. 0.34

All-Time High: Rs. 0.40

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.33

7. Excel Realty N Infra Limited: Incorporated in 2003 and formerly known as Excel Infoways Limited is engaged in the development of Infrastructure facilities, IT-enabled BPO services & general trading activities.

CMP: Rs. 0.40

All-Time High: Rs. 0.75

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.20

8. Sturdy Industries Limited: Incorporated in 1989 Stuydy Industries is involved in manufacturing Irrigation systems, Power generation products, and I.T. Infrastructure products. SIL caters to their clients all over the country. Their product lines include- AAC, AAAC & ACSR Conductors, ABC Cables, Aluminium Composite etc, and many more.

CMP: Rs. 0.43

All-Time High: Rs. 2.20

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.34

9. Classic Global Finance & Capital Limited: They have an investment business and purchase, acquire, subscribe, hold, and dispose of or otherwise invest/deal in shares, debentures, bonds, obligations and securities, etc.

CMP: Rs. 0.42

All-Time High: Rs. 0.58

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.35

10. Autoriders Finance Limited: This is an Indian-based company whose shares are currently penny stock.

CMP: Rs. 0.44

All-Time High: Rs. 0.46

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.44

11. NCL Research and Financial Services Limited: It is engaged in the financial market business and was incorporated in 1985. The company is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Non-Deposit Non-Banking Financial Corporation.

CMP: Rs. 0.44

All-Time High: Rs. 0.46

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.44

12. Goldline International Finvest Limited: It was incorporated in 1995 and deals in investment and advisory services.

CMP: Rs. 0.47

All-Time High: Rs. 1.94

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.43

13. Sun Retail Limited: Sun retail is involved in the business of trading refined edible oil.

CMP: Rs. 0.46

All-Time High: Rs. 1.47

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.43

14. Saianand Commercial Limited: They are mostly involved in the business of other financial services.

CMP: Rs. 0.46

All-Time High: Rs. 1.04

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.44

15. Vishesh Infotecnics Limited: It is a software company located in Delhi, providing multiple services.

CMP: Rs. 0.47

All-Time High: Rs. 1.37

All-Time Low: Rs. 0.45

[Disclaimer: Investments in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.]

The stocks mentioned in this blog are used as an example are not recommendations in any form whatsoever.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it wise to invest in penny stocks below 5 rupees?

While penny stocks can be risky investment, their reward can be equally high. As a SEBI registered financial intermediary we do not encourage or discourage such investments. This choice needs to be done by the investor after doing their own due diligence. Still, penny stocks below 5 rupees may be attractive for some investors.

How much should I invest in penny stocks below rs 5?

The answer to this question lies with the investor’s risk taking capability and their conviction in the selected stocks. Still, penny stocks below rs 5 should be a small portion of their total investment due to the risk it posses.

Is this penny stocks list below 5 rupees exhaustive?

The stocks mentioned in the blog are just some of the stocks. Many more stocks are also available as the Indian stock market contains thousands of shares. Penny stocks list below 5 rupees is also not static and may change in future. The stocks are just examples and are NOT investment recommendations.

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