Author: Sharadwiti Paul

jay chaudhury

No Access To Even Basic Necessities, This Man Is Now One Of The Richest Indian In USA

923SHARESShareTweetSubscribe   We live in a world where success and wealt...

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jaya verma sinha

Shattering Societal Barriers: The Railway Board Has Its First Ever Woman CEO

652SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     The role of women in our nation is ...

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sachin tendulkar

4 Money Lessons to Learn from Sachin Tendulkar’s Career

489SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     The little master blaster has many ...

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zaggle prepaid ocean services ipo

Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services – IPO Alert

380SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     The Indian prepaid card market for trans...

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Samhi Hotels Limited – IPO Note

326SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     Samhi Hotels Ltd. is a prominent br...

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Companies Whose shares soared after chandrayaan-3's triumph

Chandrayaan-3’s Success Surges Indian Space Companies’ Market Value by ₹13,000

543SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     In September 2019, PM Modi was seen...

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chandrayan 3

5 Financial Lessons to learn from Chandrayan 3’s Achievement.

489SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     We will always remember the 23rd of...

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upi payments

UPI’s global domination: Unravelling its growth and future prospects

489SHARESShareTweetSubscribe   UPI or Unified Payments Interface Payments...

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dr. pratap c reddy

The Myth of Age: Man at 91 runs a 20,0000 crore company.

652SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     With an increase in population, a s...

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rc bhargava

From Bureaucracy to Business: Former IAS leaves job to lead a 2,90,000 crore company

760SHARESShareTweetSubscribe     Cracking a UPSC exam isn’t a cakewa...

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