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Start your own Business with SMIFS Partner Program. Earn over ₹ 1 lakh/month. Become a Authorized person (sub broker) with SMIFS and earn incentives and brokerage when you onboard a customer

Think Franchise, Think SMIFS Limited

It is not just partnership it is way beyond it, we believe in grow together. Grow your business with SMIFS Growth and be a part of modern broking.

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Features & Strengths:

  • Earn Upto 85% Brokerage Share
  • Zero Account Opening Charges
  • FREE Mobile Trading Software
  • FREE Digital Marketing Support
  • Online Trading Software
  • SMS & E-Mail Alerts
  • Real Time Back Office
  • Timely Settlement of Funds & Securities to Clients
  • Safety of Client Assets with Zero Tolerance to Non-Compliances
  • FREE Marketing Collaterals (Glow Sign Flex, Banners, Brochures, Joint Seminars with NSDL, CDSL & Other Reputed Organizations)
  • Dedicated Helpdesk to provide you the best & instant services and solutions for all queries & complaints.


Grow with us. Request call-back to know more. Refundable Deposit and No Fixed Cost, To Partner With Us Enter Details

    Benefits of Becoming a Sub Broker

    We are building partnerships that are sustainable and long-term. Our program is built to make it work for you, a potential sub broking franchise.

    We Are 100% Committed Towards Helping You To Generate More Revenue

    (Ways to earn with us)

    brokerage sharing for AP

    Brokerage Sharing

    Get a share of the brokerage from each trade your referred client makes.

    Referral incentive program

    Referral Incentive

    Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn.

    Why You Should Partner with SMIFS?

    Innovative Technology & Smart Tools to Expand Your Business. We continually invest in technology to help you expedite workflows, improve customer experiences, and provide ease of operation. This is a paperless account opening process  with only a few clicks and numerous trading platforms (mobile, web, and trading terminal). Our thorough back-office software, available on both mobile and the web, allows you to keep track of all your revenue, view specific customer information, and access all of your business data with just one click.

    Who Can Partner With SMIFS?

    Experienced Brokers

    Experienced Brokers

    Financial Professional

    Finance Professional

    High Network professionals

    Highly-Networked Individuals

    Investment Enthusiast

    Investment Enthusiast

    self starters


    Internet Influencer

    Internet Influencer

    business Owners

    Business Owners

    Womanpreneur can join as a sub stock broker


    Benefits For Our Partners

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol     Attractive revenue sharing & Multiple income sources

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol     Lifetime unlimited earning opportunity

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol     Branding & marketing support via All Channels – Phone, Email, Chat, Knowledge Base, Social

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Dedicated business development support & Comprehensive training programs

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Free call & trade service. Highly acclaimed Research & Advisory for the past 30 years.

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Available on All Channels – Android, iOS, Desktop, APIs

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Includes All Exchanges + All Products + All Segments

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    All Trading & Charting Tools Available

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Express Account Opening (EKYC within 15 mins) for Smooth Operation

    Benefits to join - Tick Mark Symbol    Leads Automatically Mapped to your Account, No Mismatch

    How to become business partner with SMIFS

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Who can become a SMIFS Authorised Person?

    Anyone from across India can be a SMIFS Authorised Person. Eligibility and qualification criteria  include:

    • Have Indian citizenship.
    • Must be at least 18 years old.
    • Not having been convicted of any fraud- or falsehood-related crimes.
    • Achieve a class X minimum qualification from a government-recognized organization.
    • Be of high moral character along with willingness and passion.
    • Possess the essential infrastructure, such as the right workspace, equipment, and employees, to carry out the tasks effectively on behalf of the Trading Member.

    How much does a Authorised Person earn in India?

    Authorised Person can be selected from fixed revenue per client or Brokerage sharing options. Sky’s the limit as far as earnings are concerned, since we have the entire suite of financial products and customization options for our security market partner.

    What Are the Documents required to Become SMIFS Authorised Person?

    The following documents are required to complete Authorised Person registration with us.

    • PAN Card
    • Cancelled Cheque (that captures the MICR Code)
    • Passport Size Photograph
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Income Proof

    How to start an authorised person business?

    Please call or WhatsApp 9830121215.

    How an Authorised person can grow his business?

    Please call or WhatsApp 9830121215 to know more in details.

    What exactly is a commission ?

    A payment made to a representative or stock broking sub-broker for handling a transaction or providing a service, especially: a portion of the funds that is received from the total amount paid to the representative in charge of the referral programs.

    What are the Terms and Conditions for the SMIFS Partner Program?

    Please call or WhatsApp 9830121215 to know more in details.

    Who is a Sub-Broker?

    A sub-broker is an agent of a SEBI-registered stockbroker like SMIFS who works for a commission. According to NSE, a sub-broker is someone who doesn’t trade themselves but executes trades on behalf of clients.

    What Does a Sub Broker Do?

    A sub-broker’s main job is to execute buy and sell trades for clients that will drive business for the stockbroker. That’s why a sub-broker is known to act as a bridge between the stockbroker and clients. They act as an intermediary between the client and the stockbroker.

    In exchange, a sub-broker will receive a commission that’s generally in the form of profit sharing. At the same time, a sub-broker can access the stockbroker’s resources ranging from their stock trading platform to features like APIs.

    Benefits of Becoming a Sub-Broker

    Becoming a sub-broker has monetary benefits along with ease of access. You get a commission in exchange for bringing new clients to the stockbroker and executing their trades.

    Here are the benefits of becoming a sub-broker on SMIFS:

    • Commission: Earn commissions in exchange for becoming a sub-broker.
    • Dashboard: View all your clients, trades, and more in one dashboard.
    • Features: Lightning-fast onboarding, trade directly from charts, and more.
    • Support: Continuous support across channels.

    How much do Partners earn in a month, when and where will I receive the earnings generated from SMIFS?

    Partners (sub-brokers) can earn in two ways

    ● Through AOI-Account Opening Incentive when you successfully refer and onboard users
    ● Through Brokerage Commissions when your referred users’ trade on SMIFS, you earn.  Thus the more you refer , the more your referrals trade and the more you earn. The referral reward gets credited to your referral ledger by the 25th of every month.

    Our approach towards our Business Partner is that of them being a shoulder to share responsibilities in the Mission of “Powering your Wealth”, an effort through expanding our Brand, Product and Services to the investors as a member of SMIFS family. All that we seek from our Business Partners is passion for Growth and intense spirit of Entrepreneurship. Following are our different business products & services and aspects made to suit your individual need to help you grow:

    Screenshot27 1

    Comprehensive On boarding Support

    SMIFS Limited believes in beginning the journey with the right spirit & motivation in building up strong bonds with each of our Business Partners and groom the partnership with all the right resources to grow the business. This is also what sets us apart from the market competition.

    • Focused and time-bound approach to help onboard initial set of new clients or migrate from your existing setup
    • Dedicated onboarding desk of operations team for smooth transition
    • Knowledge support for better understanding of systems and processes related to Back Office Operations & Risk Management Systems

    Extended Business Support

    To help our Business Partners begin the growth Process, we provide extended business development support through the following:

    • Dedicated Product Specialists, Experienced Professionals and personalized meetings of these experts with Business Partners and their end clients to not only pitch large avenues of investment solutions and financial services under one roof, but also to ensure a bigger allocation of the client’s money to achieve sustainable financial growth.
    • Client acquisition support with strategy, tactics, leads, startup kit, marketing collaterals, events & seminars.
    • Local marketing strategy as per Business Partner’s strengths and opportunities in the market.

    Robust Risk Management System

    • Effective risk management plays a crucial role in any company’s pursuit of financial stability and superior performance. To avoid the risks and losses associated in the investment field, we have developed a Risk Management System which is unmatched in the market.
    • Centralized real-time risk monitoring & control system with in-built system driven alerts & controls to support branch & client level exposures& margin factors.
    • The system consists of various automated products for risk management whereby, positions are squared up if MTM loss crosses 70% of available margin, Auto Square Off Facility
    • Leverage feature for Intraday trade where you may take exposure upto 20 times your margin and Stoploss benefits to sell Options position with limited margin on the last day.

    Back-Office Support

    • Technology oriented processes for ease of business and dedicated teams to resolve your issues, are put together to support your growth.
    • Single Login Platform to access all kinds of reports- Ledgers, Margin Reports, Shortage, DP statements, P&L statements, etc.
    • 24X7 Banking with mobile app/online portal
    • Customer Service with quick turnaround time with dedicated IVR lines to address requests and issues of our Business Partners, from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm on working days (Mon-Fri) and 10.00 am to 2.00 pm (Saturday)
    • Dedicated Compliance & Legal Support for handling and resolution of Business Partner or client disputes

    Registration Fees For Segments:

    Segment Registration Amt. GST Total
    NSE-CM ₹5000 18% ₹5900
    NSE-F&O ₹5000 18% ₹5900
    NSE-CD ₹5000 18% ₹5900
    BSE-CM ₹4000 18% ₹4720
    BSE-F&O ₹4000 18% ₹4720
    MCX ₹2000 18% ₹2360

    Security Deposit:

    Exchange Amount
    NSE/BSE ₹25,000
    MCX ₹25,000