digital partnership program to refer someone

Refer and earn up to ₹500*

Refer Your Friends and Family for a Demat + Trading Account and Earn up to Rs.500 & up to 70% brokerage revenue share*.

Create a passive income by referring your friends, colleagues, and family members to SMIFS and earning the commission on brokerage generated by them for the first year. Enter your client ID, generate the link and share it!

Start Referring Now

    How Refer & Earn Works?

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    Step 1: Provide PAN & Aadhaar to register as Referral Partner with SMIFS

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    Step 2: Onboard new clients who will open their Demat A/c  with SMIFS

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    Step 3: Earn a commission once client funds the account

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    Step 4: Also earn brokerage for lifetime on their buy/sell transactions

    Features & Strengths


    ZERO Registration Charges


    ZERO Account Opening Charges


    ZERO DP AMC for lifetime


    FREE Call & Trade Facility


    Dedicated Helpdesk for you

    Other Benefits:

    • No Hidden Charges
    • Competitive Brokerage
    • SMS & E-mail alerts
    • Timely settlement of funds & securities
    • Online Trading Software
    • Zero tolerance for non-compliance
    • Free Marketing Collaterals

    Referral Agents Brokerage Sharing

    50% Sharing on Monthly Gross Brokerage < Rs 10000
    70% Flat Sharing on Monthly Brokerage > Rs 10000

    New A/C Opening Commission

    Rs 250 if Margin Amount: Rs.25000 – Rs. 49,999
    Rs.500 if Margin Amount: Rs. 50,000 and above
    SMIFS Limited referral partner program has allowed me to earn more on the go.


    Working with SMIFS for sometime now and the payouts are always on time.


    They offer the highest brokerage sharing model. I am happy with SMIFS.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I eligible for this?

    Any SMIFS client is eligible for this program. If you are not our client, then what are you waiting for open your demat account with us today which is absolutely FREE!

    Are there any charges for opening an account with your brokerage firm?

    No, we do not have any account opening charges.

    What benefits do Referral Agents receive?

    Referral Agents can enjoy up to 70% sharing on monthly brokerage, depending on the gross brokerage amount.

    What market segments do you cover for trading?

    We cover Cash Market, Margin Trading Facility, Equity Derivative, Commodity Derivative, and Currency Derivative segments.

    Do you provide any additional services apart from broking?

    Yes, we offer services such as PMS & Advisory, Customized Value Investing, Research, Bonds, IPO & FPO, ALGO Trading, Mutual Funds, Insurance, and Buy Back & Tender Offers.

    What are the commission for opening a new account?

    The commission for opening a new account ranges from Rs. 250 to Rs. 500, depending on the margin amount deposited.


    1. This “Referral Program” program is strictly meant for clients registered with SMIFS Limited.
    2. Successful referral implies that referee has opened an account with SMIFS Limited within 60 days of registration.
    3. Incentive would be paid in the name of the Referrer as agreed to between the parties.
    4. The Incentive accrued will be remitted to the Referrer on a monthly basis.
    5. The Incentive would be paid only after deducting all statutory charges.
    6. The incentive to the Referrer under Referral Programme would be paid only on the basis of brokerage generated from the client introduced by the Referrer.
    7. All Bad debts of the clients introduced by the Referrer, will be recovered from the Referrer
    8. The referrer will be eligible for incentive of the Brokerage generated from its clients as decided by the Trading Member.
    9. The referring person should not undertake any form of selling/advisory activities w.r.t securities and should not manage the portfolio of any person who is being referred. He/she should strictly limit his/her role to “Referral” only.
    10. The referring person shall not subject the referred client to any kind of trade inducement
    and it shall be ensured that all instructions for placement of orders are obtained from the respective clients only.
    11. All the details/information pertaining to the client shall be maintained confidentially and the same should not be disclosed to any person.
    12. All correspondences viz. contract notes, daily margin statement, statement of accounts, Annual global transaction statements etc. would be sent to the respective client only and under no circumstances will go to the referring person.
    13. The referring person cannot conduct In-Person Verification (IPV) / Original Seen & Verified (OSV).
    14. Incentive amount should not be recovered from the client being referred and no obligation whatsoever should be cast on such client. There should be no financial transaction between the referred client and the referring person under the arrangement.
    15. Trading Member shall be directly and wholly liable in case of any dispute w.r.t. referral program/incentive scheme or calculation of referral income between broker-referred/referring person. Such disputes/grievances will not be covered under investor protection or grievance redressal measures of the Exchange.
    16. If the referee is already registered in the SMIFS Limited database as an existing client or potential client, then it will not be considered as a valid referral and the same will be devoid of the Referral Program.
    17. SMIFS Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions governing this Referral Program at any time without prior notice and to carry out checks and controls as it deems fit and proper, before the credit of referral reward to the referrer which shall be binding on all the parties concerned.
    18. Referrer agree that the following activities are expressly prohibited and engaging in any of these will lead to initiation of legal and criminal action against the Referrer and also result in immediate termination and disqualification from the Referral Program, forfeiture of existing referral invitations and accrued, but not yet received, referral rewards:
    > Spam, bulk distribution of invitations, distribution to strangers or any other promotion of SMIFS Limited referral offer through invitations that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial e-mail, SMS, publishing any article or content about SMIFS Limited products, services etc.
    > Advertisement of any kind in any form on any medium print, audio visual form, web etc. or spam under any applicable law or regulation.
    > Fraud, attempted fraud or abuse of the SMIFS Limited referral offer or any of the Terms & Conditions mentioned hereinabove.
    > Selling, trading, bartering or providing anything of value to the client beyond the referral invitation or otherwise for any promotional purposes.
    > Organizing competition, contests online, posting content about SMIFS Limited.
    > Any act or omission resulting in damage to SMIFS Limited in any form whatsoever in nature.
    19. In case anyone or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereto.
    20. All trades, transactions and contracts are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the respective Exchange(s) on which the trades have been executed. If any dispute arises between the Trading Member and the Referrer, then the parties shall meet to discuss the matter and shall negotiate in good faith and endeavour to resolve the issue mutually. This Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the Laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Kolkata only.