Company shares benefitted stock market owners for more than 80 per cent.


There are a majority of people who desire of earning easy money. But, when processed practically, such desires are nothing but mere fantasies. However, it’s surprising when such a fantasy turns into a real life incident. We are talking about the company AKI India, a leather manufacturing company that has given a return of 80% in just 5 days in the stock market.

AKI shoe manufacturing houseAbout 2 weeks ago on 14th July, this stock, whose price was ₹31was increased to ₹52.10. Meaning, a person, had he invested 1 lakh rupees in a stock of AKI India before 5 days, he would have earned 1.80 lakhs (an increase of 80.97%). In 52 weeks, the lowest amount reached by this company is 12.10%.

In the previous year, AKI India has provided a return of 363% to its investors. But, in this year, this return has reduced to 115% in the stock market. Under BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), the share price was ₹12.10 till 29th July. But in this year, the stocks of BSE have closed at ₹56.10.

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