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12 Financial Podcasts to Boost Your Knowledge

12 financial podcasts to boost your knowledge



Financial Podcasts are one of our favourite ways to learn about investing and stay up to date with the markets.

In recent years, the podcast business has experienced explosive development. There are currently 3.02 million podcasts as of September 2023.

Investing podcasts are one of the best free tools that enable you to learn about the ins and outs of all types of investments. These podcasts offer high-quality, instructive, and palatable content to both novices and specialists.

Paisa Vaisa by Anupam Gupta 

    paisa vaisa by Anupam Gupta

Your go-to source for information on investment and personal finance in India is Paisa Vaisa, hosted by Anupam Gupta. Paisa Vaisa stands out due to its emphasis on practical insights. The podcast gives you more than just academic information; it also gives you access to useful tools and methods that you can use in real-world situations. Paisa Vaisa is a well-known personal finance and investing podcast as well as a reliable source of knowledge in the field. With more than 1 million downloads, 130+ hours of content and conversations, 150+ guests, and 300+ episodes, it has made a name for itself as India’s top personal finance podcast.


Opto Sessions

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Opto Sessions, which Haydon Brain runs, features conversations with some of the best global investors and money managers. You may try out a few episodes if you want to gain insight into some of the greatest minds in the field. They discuss personal stock selection techniques, digital currencies, blockchain technology, and macroeconomic plans. Although the topics might occasionally be rather in-depth, this is a wonderful choice if you want to swiftly increase your knowledge.


Panic with Friends

panic with friends with howard lindzon

Howard and Knut Jensen interview founders, seed investors, and venture capitalists to gain insights into innovation and technology, focusing on the market’s role in funding ideas. It provides a fascinating insight into the founder’s thinking as well as how the market functions. The host’s sense of humor not only works like a comic relief but also makes investment look simple and quite profound.


Digest & Invest

digest and invest

One of the fantastic weekly 30-minute investing podcasts is Digest & Invest, hosted by eToro’s Sam North and Josh Gilbert. You might enjoy listening to this one since you don’t have to pay close attention, making it the ideal podcast to listen to while driving. The boys have a great time discussing some of the week’s most trending topics and significant market movers. Both novice and seasoned investors will benefit greatly from listening to Digest & Invest. Josh works as a Senior Market Analyst, while Sam is the Trading School Lead at eToro.


The Money to the Masses


money to the masses by damien fahy

The ‘The Money to the Masses’ podcast, hosted by Damien Fahy, covers a wide range of personal finance issues. Every week, they release two podcasts with a range of topics. Damien focuses on the financial environment and investment markets every Wednesday. Andy Leeks joins Damien on Sunday to discuss saving, budgeting, the housing market, and other topics. They have over 500 episodes and counting, so check them out because they will definitely cover a subject you are interested in.


Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaugnessy

invest like the best with patrick o’shaugnessy:

Patrick is a founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management LLC. This is an interview-type podcast. He invites leaders from different industries as well as capital market experts. The range of topics is wide. The main focus of Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaugnessy, as the name suggests, is to get more insights on how to invest like the best. If you combine all the episodes, he has created a parallel guide on investing and finance.


Puliyabaazi Hindi Podcast

puliyabaazi hindi podcast

The majority of podcasts are in the English language. However, Puliyabaazi, an IVM product, is a Hindi podcast covering economics and government affairs. Pranay Kotathane and Saurabh Chandra talk about a variety of complicated problems pertaining to the economy, politics, and current events. They use the fundamental concepts to analyze every problem. This is what distinguishes them from other podcasts.


CNBC’s Fast Money

CNBC’s fast money

Melissa Lee is the host of the Fast Money podcast. She brings together a group of eminent traders to discuss earnings reports, current problems, market attitudes, and much more. This is a fantastic approach to comprehending the markets and economics of the US. Although there’s a good chance you won’t identify with the topics or businesses covered, I still advise giving it a try four or five times to get the feel of it.


Top Traders Unplugged

top traders unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged regularly delivers outstanding market and economic analyses. There is no “fluff,” only a modest approach to trading and investing. The host’s and his guests’ practical knowledge and useful suggestions are priceless. You’ll leave listening to this with ideas to actually implement in your investing, rather than just understanding concepts.


The Motley Fool

motley fool money

This podcast has to be our starting point because it is undoubtedly among the top podcasts about investment. With Chris Hill and a few of The Motley Fools’ finest experts, this daily dose of stock market talk is a great way to learn about the markets. They now have a longer radio show on Fridays, which used to be their only podcast of the week under this brand. In this show, they analyze trending themes, speak with prominent investors and CEOs, and break down a few stocks on their watch lists.


Dhan Ki Baat by Shubhum Agarwal

dhan ki baat by shubhum agarwal

The host of the Dhan ki Baat podcast, Shubhum Agarwal, delves deeply into a variety of investing-related issues, including market trends, investment strategies, and the principles of successful investing. Varun offers you a special chance to learn from some of the best minds in the investment sector through his interviews with industry professionals. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Indian market thanks to these specialists’ sharing of their experiences, perceptions, and tactics. Furthermore, Shubhum incorporates his own experiences, lessons learned, and personal insights, which makes the information more accessible and useful. As Shubhum assists you in navigating the difficulties of investing, you’ll sense a connection to him.


FinAzaad Hindi

FinAzaad Hindi bu aniket chaudhuriThis is a great option for a Hindi-language investing podcast.

The FinAzaad podcast aims to provide the most straightforward explanation of the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, personal finance, and trading stocks. The host of this podcast, Aniket Choudhary, has a firm belief that transcends all spheres of life and also holds true in the world of stock markets: “If you are here to learn, you will earn; but if you are here to earn, you will only learn.” The FinAzaad podcast is built on this principle to put more of an emphasis on learning in each episode. In order to improve your understanding of investing, Aniket also discusses various investment strategies and unearths technical analysis approaches.

There are a number of excellent podcasts available that are devoted to investing and give listeners the chance to learn new skills that will help them maximize their financial resources. The best thing is that you may listen to such material while travelling by car, exercising, or taking public transportation.  Thus making podcasts a more user-friendly source of knowledge and information.

Given that podcasts are among the most practical ways to obtain information; their popularity has grown quite rapidly. Several podcasts are widely accessible on the internet, however, we at Smifs have chosen a few that may help you in your investment journey.





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