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Discover this Woman’s Contribution Behind this 592110 Crore Company

Sudha Murty



Recently at a book launch event, Infosys founder Narayan Murty confessed his two regrets in life. He admitted that it was wrong on his part to not involve the Infosys founders’ children in the company’s management. He further added, “I feel bad that I invited my mother to visit Infosys only when she was dying. I was so busy building Infosys”.

Sudha Murty, his wife, is mostly known for her kind presence in the media. He is often seen sharing wholesome anecdotes about her life and marriage. She was seen as a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show a few weeks ago. She stated on the Kapil Sharma couch that her husband was unemployed when they got married. She revealed that her father even questioned her on why she was marrying an unemployed man, What would she say if people raised questions on her choice? “So I told him that he should say he is Sudha’s husband,” she responded.

Sudha Murty hails from a middle-class household and is the daughter of a doctor. Her father was worried that she was marrying a man with no financial security. She believes that it is the grace of the almighty that Narayan Murty became so successful. She thinks it’s her duty to serve the poor.

In The Kapil Sharma Show, his wife Sudha Murty mentioned how they started Infosys from a one-room apartment in Bandra. She even lent a sum of Rs 10,000 to her husband for the launch of the company. Infosys was founded in 1981 by Narayan Murty along with seven other engineers. Murty served as the CEO, Director and mentor for a span of 21 long years. Infosys gained momentum under his firm hands. It is now a Rs 592,110 crore company by market capitalization.


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